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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Dental*Partner support and software update fees?
Support and updates are free for the first year. After that, an annual fee of $295 is required which covers support and upgrades for the next year.

Aside from the time investment required for support, a great deal  of work is required today to keep software products current with latest technologies, software & security standards, and X12 billing changes mandated by the government, just to name a few.

Q: How is support provided?
Support is provided by email, telephone, and by remote computer to computer connection, as needed.

Q: What "software updates" are covered by this fee?
The software updates covered by this fee include all fixes and enhancements to existing features. We are continually improving the product and responding to user suggestions. You can expect to receive updates to the software on average of once or twice per month. These are installed automatically to your computer from the web, requiring no input on your part other than pressing an "Ok" button to allow an update to run.

Major new modules are generally offered as options and may involve a separate fee to activate the option in your software. A recent example of this is the electronic remittance advice (ERA) processing module.

Q: Can Dental*Partner integrate with or use the data and claims in my current system just to bill Medicaid?
No. Dental*Partner is a separate discrete software system. However, see next question.

Q: Can you import data from an existing system into Dental*Partner so patient information does not have to be re-entered to set up the software?
Yes, we can import patient and treatment data from some software products into Dental*Partner. You will keep all your patient info including treatment history.

Q: Do you provide training?
We offer an initial training at no charge to help new users get up to speed quickly. Some new users only need to have a few questions answered and they are on their way. Others may require closer guidance. When helpful, we use remote computer to computer communications to demo & guide the user with the software. After a couple of weeks of using Dental*Partner, we rarely receive calls for assistance, as the software is very easy, intuitive, and robust.

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