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Integra Software has been empowering dental and orthodontic offices, and independent billling services since 1993 with easy-to-use practice management software that features direct electronic billing to several insurance payers as well as to NY State Medicaid.

Minimal training (less than 1 hour) needed to start billing!

Dental*Partner simplifies NY State Medicaid's transition to managed care while continuing to support direct fee-for-service (FFS) billing to the State.

For information regarding EHR support, see the "Services" and "News" pages.

For additional Orthodontic and NY Medicaid-specific features see the sections following "Product Highlights".

Product Highlights

 Patient Management

  • The Patient Record - View all information for a patient on one tabbed form: Treatment History, Financial & Transactions, Appointments, Documents, Photos, Remarks, Images.
  • Patient Documents Folder - Supports Paperless Office  - The Documents Folder is a section of the tabbed patient form. Add, import, or scan any type of document, including photos and xrays, into the patient record. View, open, edit & save the documents from Dental*Partner, as needed.
  • Easy Setup for Multiple Office Locations & Providers - Organize, bill, track, and generate reports on your business and patients by location and providers.
  • Automated Data Entry- To add a visit/claim, enter a patient’s chart# or Medicaid ID or select patient from the Patient Lookup. All required patient and provider information fills the Visit Edit Form. Charges, estimated insurance reimbursements and patient charges, if any, are calculated as you add procedure codes.
  • Unlimited Patient Notes - To record patient progress, issues, medical concerns, etc.
  • Insurance Estimates & Treatment Plans - Easily create, view, or generate reports for outstanding and approved estimates or plans and patient follow-up dates. Generate mailing labels or call patient.
  • Orthodontic Support - Contains special features for orthodontic practices which are "turned on" by checking a System Setup flag. (See below.)
  • Labwork Tracking - Automatic as you add visits, if this option is turned on.
  • Appointment Scheduler - Attractive, full-featured scheduler consisting of Calendar View and Appointment Book, integrated is with the patient database. Supports multiple staff persons. Displays in day view, week view, or month view. Create your own color coding, notes, alerts. Track & update call and appointment status. Print reports and day sheet. Send single or bulk emails to patients.
  • Patient Recall - Generate reports or labels based on your custom recall parameters.
  • Medical Alerts - Easily set medical alerts with notes that show on patient's record and patient master listing.
  • Bulk Emailing - Send an email to all patients who meet your query criteria, for example, recall or follow-up dates, appointments, birthdates, payment due, and more.
  • Referral Tracking.
  • Patient Photos - Add/update photo on patient record or before & after photo sets.
  • Custom Label Support - One-click creation of custom labels for address, patient folders, recall cards, insurance billing cards. Print to any label printer or standard printer. Avery Label support for bulk label printing.
  • Smile Reminder - Works with Smile Reminder - a patient communication system.
  • Other Third Party Systems - Bridges from the patient record to many 3rd Party systems for digital imaging, charting, etc.


  • Preview Billing - Quickly review all unbilled claims before generating electronic claim batch (EDI X12 837). Batches may contain 1 or thousands of claims for multiple providers.
  • 90 Day Claim Alert - System Alert at startup is given when unsubmitted claims become 80 days or older so you don't lose out by failing to meet 90 day billing requirements.
  • DentaQuest (formerly Doral Dental) Billing - Special features for all DentaQuest plans - Submit electronic claim batches (X12 837's) directly to DentaQuest - No 3rd party charges! Claim files may contain 1 or thousands of claims for multiple providers.
  • Insurance & Managed Care Billing 
    • Supports an unlimited number of Insurance/MMC Plan Fee Schedules
    • Commercial insurance & managed care organizations may be billed electronically via:
    • DentalXChange clearinghouse service, which seamlessly integrates with Dental*Partner. Claim & Prior Approval Attachments may easily be sent with your electronic claims.
    • Post-n-Track third party service, a no-cost claim submission platform also integrated with Dental*Partner. Post-n-Track accepts claims for Cigna, Aetna, and Great West plans and regularly adds new payers to its service.
    • ADA Forms - Print claims on ADA forms on blank paper. Pre-printed forms not required. Or generate your own unfilled ADA-compliant forms from our software when needed.

  Managing Receivables

  • Revenue Cycle Management - Automated processing of electronic remittances (EDI X12 835's) saves hours of work per week:
    • Posts payment information to your accounts and claims;
    • Updates claims with any rejection codes and their meanings;
    • Analyzes which rejected claims can be fixed and resubmitted and labels them accordingly for your attention;
    • All unpaid claims are "tagged" in your system with codes & colors that make it easy to track those that are unpaid or pended and need attention, and to run reports only on claims that need follow-up action;
    • Claim resumbission is made easy when you have fixed the reason for rejection. No need to manually recreate the claim for re-submission;
  • Manual Revenue Cycle Management When You Need it- Manual features (when an electronic remittance is not provided) include: One-Click Insurance/MMC Bulk Payment Posting which updates claim records at the procedure code level, and the patient accounts, creates transaction records, and reconciles the payment amounts with your fee schedule for the plan.
  • Easily View Outstanding Claims with reports, or on the screen with pre-defined data filters you can select. For example, see a listing of rejected claims that can be re-submitted to all or selected payors.


  • Many Reports Available - Recall reports with or without address labels, Practice Analysis Report by procedure code and/or doctor for any period; Daily Activity; Month-End; Year-End; Outstanding Claims - by claim type, provider, date range, or payer. Cash Flow reports, transaction reports. Also, reports of pended claims and rejected claims that need to be re-submitted; remittance reports, and much more.
  • Report OutPut Options - Print, save as PDF, or email.
Easily Master the NY State Medicaid System

Medicaid Specific Features

In addition to the above, the software provides:

  • Direct Electronic Billing to NY State Medicaid - Upload claim batch files (EDI 837's) directly to the eMedNY portal. No third party charges. A batch can contain one or several thousand claims for multiple providers.
  • Transition to Managed Care made simple. For Medicaid FFS beneficiaries, just check the "Bill Services to Health Plan" check box on the patient record & select the managed care plan from a lookup. (See "Insurance & Managed Care Billing" in above section.)
  • Lightning-Fast Entry of New Patients
  • Complete Error-Checking against Medicaid rules as you enter data and before you bill, such as Over 90 Day rule, code-frequency requirements, age rules, prior approvals, and more.
  • Procedure Codes - With Medicaid rates are provided. Rates are editable and codes are fully configurable for recall, prior approval, tooth# & surfaces, age requirements, & more. Codes can be added or deleted. No need to pay for code updates when rates change or new codes are added.
  • Submit Adjustments, Voids, Rebills, and Over 90 Day claims.
  • Medicaid Response Files (999, 277) - The software reads & interprets the Medicaid response files which show batch and claim acceptance & pre-adjudication denials, displaying the reason for any denial. (Note: The 277 response file is the only notice you will receive of many types of rejections. Therefore, it is critical to be able to read and act on these files. DP not only reports on these files but updates your claims with any error codes + interpretation, highlights your problem claims in red color and tags them for rebilling.)
  • ERA - Electronic Remittance Advice Processing - Reads and processes the electronic remittance (EDI 835) and Medicaid's proprietary supplemental remittance (835S), which contains pended claim actions. Automatically updates your claims with payments, claim status, denials with edit codes + interpretations, and tagging claims that can be rebilled, which greatly facilitates the resubmission process.
  • Extensive Reporting options - for un-submitted claims, submitted batches, outstanding receivables that need to be resubmitted, remittance data, and more. Filter or group report output by billing provider, doctor, location.
  • Submit Over 90-Day Claims - Without a letter. Software checks for over-90 violations and allows you to correct the omission during the preview billing process or rebilling process.
  • Prior Approval Alert and in-line PA# entry, if needed, as you add procedures.
  • Multiple Provider and Group NPI Billing - Included at no extra charge.

Orthodontic Features

  • Auto-Generate ALL Quarterly (or Monthly) Periodic Visits (D8670) + Retention Visit - at the time of insertion, so they are automatically included in your future batch submissions - unless you flag patient as inactive, change service dates, or de-select the claim for inclusion in your batch.
  • When Needed, Adjust Dates / Quarters of All Remaining Periodic Visits & Retention Visit - with one click all dates may be rolled forward from selected new date.
  • New York State-Assigned Prior Approval Numbers - Add to patient's record and it will automatically be inserted with patient's claims if service date is within the PA effective dates.
  • "Prior Approvals Needed" Report - This report generates list of patients who are due for new NY State approval numbers for their 2nd or 3rd year of service or for their retention visit - for the date range you specify.
  • Appointment Scheduler Features - Select from multiple Orthodontic Service Types when scheduling appointments and specify default color coding based on service type. If patient cancels a D8670 visit, you are prompted if you want to reset the  date/quarter of the patients remaining periodic visits. (The Appointment Scheduler is an optional add-on.)
  • Patient Notes - Unlimited space for progress notes and comments in the patient's record.
  • Set Patient to Inactive Status to suspend his/her claim inclusions in future batch submission.

Loaded With Time-Saving Features 

  • Add pre-defined Group Procedures to a visit record. Sometimes referred to as "Explosion Codes", this adds a set of procedure codes to a claim with two mouse clicks. Default Group Procedures are provided, such as periodic checkups, orthodontic diagnosis, and child recall, which you can use as is or edit; or create your own procedure groups.
  • Alternatively, Add Multiple Procedures at once by selecting Procedure Codes from a Lookup dialog, or simply type in the code on a claim line.
  • Error Checking as you enter data means fewer claim rejections.
  • Fast Lookups & Searching
  • Backup & Restore - High speed, secure, password protected data compression to USB drive, network, or other attached drive or to your DropBox folder.
  • Export Custom Patient Lists to Excel or HTML

Even Novice Computer Users Find Dental*Partner Easy and Enjoyable to Use

Other Features You Will Love

  • Attractive Screens - Aesthetic design and easy navigation makes work more enjoyable.
  • Automatic Software Updates - Use our Update Wizard directly from the Help menu, to automatically update your system with the latest version via the internet.
  • On-Line Help - Detailed on-line manual includes sample screen shots with "how-to" videos.
  • Security - Password protect access to your system.
  • Network Ready - Supports up to 5 simultaneous users at no extra charge. High speed client server version is available for a an additional modest charge. Call to discuss pricing.
  • Knowledgeable Tech Support is available 6 days per week.

Key Benefits

  • Minimal training needed to begin adding patients, claims, and get your billing done!
  • Improve cash flow with fast & direct claim submission and tracking.
  • No clearinghouse or claim submission charges required for certain payers.
  • At-your-fingertips control of all patient treatment, billing, & payment data.
  • Save staff time, reduce errors and omissions.

System Requirements

Windows version: Vista, 8, or 10 (64 or 32 bit) - Minimum of 2 GB Ram is recommended, internet connection, and a USB port for backups.

Getting Started

Dental*Partner is easy to install from the internet. Once installed, we will guide you through the simple setup and get you started using the software within minutes.

For more information or to purchase:

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